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[Art Trade] Tomatsu The Eliotrope by jayshipp313 [Art Trade] Tomatsu The Eliotrope :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 13 6 Bonddy by jayshipp313 Bonddy :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 6 5 Trust by jayshipp313 Trust :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 6 2 B-day gift (2) by jayshipp313 B-day gift (2) :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 6 3 The Spark Of Chi by jayshipp313 The Spark Of Chi :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 15 0 Jayrack ( model redo ) 2017 by jayshipp313 Jayrack ( model redo ) 2017 :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 6 7 (AU) The awakening part 5 by jayshipp313 (AU) The awakening part 5 :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 4 0 Diego the ecaflip by jayshipp313 Diego the ecaflip :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 8 11 Peppa meets the murder machine by jayshipp313 Peppa meets the murder machine :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 3 2 The hills by jayshipp313 The hills :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 4 3 Samurai Jack S5 finale by jayshipp313 Samurai Jack S5 finale :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 28 9 (Wakfu comic) the pool part 4 by jayshipp313 (Wakfu comic) the pool part 4 :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 7 5 (Wakfu comic) the pool part 3 by jayshipp313 (Wakfu comic) the pool part 3 :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 7 6 (Wakfu comic) the pool part 2 by jayshipp313 (Wakfu comic) the pool part 2 :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 6 0 (Wakfu comic) the pool part 1 by jayshipp313 (Wakfu comic) the pool part 1 :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 5 0 The Iop Bros by jayshipp313 The Iop Bros :iconjayshipp313:jayshipp313 10 0


Elaine The Unknown by Artstarmi Elaine The Unknown :iconartstarmi:Artstarmi 22 6 [ AT ] OC Marina by ServantFai [ AT ] OC Marina :iconservantfai:ServantFai 13 7 LV, Frisk Speedpaint | Collab with Kitmast! by CamilaAnims LV, Frisk Speedpaint | Collab with Kitmast! :iconcamilaanims:CamilaAnims 1,280 164 Oc Sleepwear Part One by TomatsuTheEliatrope Oc Sleepwear Part One :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 7 0 (minor SJ-finale spoilers?) weird demon antlers by str00p (minor SJ-finale spoilers?) weird demon antlers :iconstr00p:str00p 101 16 SJ: The end by Horsitty SJ: The end :iconhorsitty:Horsitty 257 29 Inyuji Livedraw-Samurai Jack Doodles by InYuJi Inyuji Livedraw-Samurai Jack Doodles :iconinyuji:InYuJi 381 69 the samurai way by VelvettBlue the samurai way :iconvelvettblue:VelvettBlue 439 50 Mother 1+2 by KristoLegend Mother 1+2 :iconkristolegend:KristoLegend 7 0 Star surfer Avi! by fiddee Star surfer Avi! :iconfiddee:fiddee 14 9 Retro Gaming by BunnyAbsentia Retro Gaming :iconbunnyabsentia:BunnyAbsentia 298 118 Can I be the hero for once? by BertyChan Can I be the hero for once? :iconbertychan:BertyChan 9 2 Longing by TomatsuTheEliatrope Longing :icontomatsutheeliatrope:TomatsuTheEliatrope 18 26 Big Brother by AbsoluteDream Big Brother :iconabsolutedream:AbsoluteDream 5,217 407 Hogwarts AU: Triwizard Champions by Mouse-La-Flutist Hogwarts AU: Triwizard Champions :iconmouse-la-flutist:Mouse-La-Flutist 15 7 Castle Crashers Animation by KristoLegend Castle Crashers Animation :iconkristolegend:KristoLegend 6 2



last night i had the TV all to myself and watched Netflix. i've watched that sucker till afternoon and boy was i still not tired from it, WHATS WRONG WITH MAI!!!
[Art Trade] Tomatsu The Eliotrope
An art trade for a good friend :icontomatsutheeliatrope:

Apologies for the late request, i was busy with other projects that are barely done, so I had to put them aside (again!) and make cool little little tomatsu, hope you like it!

(Tomatsu) belongs to :icontomatsutheeliatrope:
( this animatronic was requested by my love one :icondeadallies: I may want to apologize for this, I believe I'd made him to manly in this one but I hope you like it )

(Bonddy) belongs to :icondeadallies:
Jack comes across many creatures on his journeys, and thus shares his kindness to all, no matter how big or small to earn their trust and peace.

(Jack) belongs to meh!

Zig is a half-blood 17 year old 6 year, and was sorted out as a ravenclaw. He is a warm hearted, well mannered student who cares for anyone he knows or not and always gets the job done with work, is very mature most times, determined and really clever. He even has a high intelligence do to making fantastic marks in each of his class, his most favorite of them is history of magic, history of ancient ruins, the magical creatures and defense against the dark arts. when it comes to groups zig is like some people in hogwarts a lone wolf type, but it doesn't stop him from meeting new faces, earning their trust, stand up to those in trouble, and gets off his comfort zone. most days when he has got nothing to do he would either go practice his Quidditch as the seeker, getting to know most students and teachers around, goes somewhere in hogwarts alone to do a little inventing ( due to his creativity of putting things together ), or go to the forbidden forest to discover and learn more about it, and read the books in the ravenclaw tower. Zig lives his moments in Hogwarts meeting amazing people and would sometimes be a participant in good things, tho just because he has a good life doesn't mean it will always stay like that.

due to his brother Colin who gets into all kinds of shenanigans and he would had to get him out of it, has to deal with his rival Peggins ( slytherin ) who always mess with people in hogwarts but mostly due to zig standing up for others and making Peggins look worse, they share some hateful moments threw the past 2 years but zig tends to let it go and move on. when he was young he lives happily with his aunt and uncle who told stories about his dad but not the mother, soon the truth about his little brother ( Nichael ) who disappeared ever since he got to hogwarts for the first time and wondered off in the forbidden forest and didn't returned has never left zigs mind but colin does know what happened to him and zig was desperate for answers, it took a while but he spilled the beans about there little brother and it was to much for zig to handle the truth thus the two agreed to never talk about it again. 

Zig is dating no girls, tho due to seeing girl to girl and has a chance, he thinks he has what it takes to ask but couldn't because of his shyness around girls sometimes.
B-day gift (2)
A late happy birthday gift for…

A lovable being, with amazing talents of what she does best. The Iop bros wishes you a wonderful day, and as always "stay frosty 👍🏾"

( Zig, Colin, Nicheal ) belongs to meh!
( Avi ) belongs to…
( Iop, Eniripsa ) belongs to ANKAMA
The Spark Of Chi
Threw zigs potential of skills and combat, he Now discovered a secret chi hidden long ago, Suprised and curious zig was at first but now is willing to test his new power and reach its limits.

( it's been three whole days none stop with this little project for my iop yet I feel like I could've done better with this, anyways hope to get much rest now [Literaly!], work on my color skills, shading, and more. )

(Zig) belongs to meh
(IOP) belongs to ANKAMA
Jayrack ( model redo ) 2017
SO many changes for this dude, though this one actually looks just fine..... for now

( Jayrack ) belongs to me
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Tagged by: tomatsutheeliatrope.deviantart…

1. How tall are you?
im 6.1 

2. Favorite Music/band?

owl city, and tryhardninja

3. Do you have any fears?

the darkness, losing a love one

4. What's your favorite food?


5. Are there any place you wish to visit?

africa, japan, and my mom's side of the fam in the pacific islands

6. Do you have a crush on someone?

sometimes, but i made sure it doesn't get the best of me

7. What was the last sport you played/tried your hands at? 

the last sport i ever done was soccer, and it was great

8. How does your perfect day or perfect night look?

sunny and a bit chilly

9. Your favorite color? 


10.Is there any place or country you wish to travel? if so, why? 

sometimes africa, so i can learn more about their stories, culture, and meeting new animals there

11.Any other questions you have for me.

 wheres questions 12 and 13? Sweating a little... 


1. what is your role in life? ( what do you picture yourself as right now? )
2. what made you want to draw in the first place?
3. what's your goal in life?
4. what do you love about yourself?
5. sardine dipped in chocolate! yay or nay ......... and NO I didn't get this based from a show!.... maybe 
6. do you stand tall and control your emotions when experiencing love at first sight?
7. do you control your fear or does fear control you?
8. what do you look forward to in the future?
9. ( looks both ways ) ...... you like "over the garden walls"?
10. if you could have any kind of animal, what would it be?
11. is life treating you well?
12. do you keep a low profile around people or are you always open to new faces? why?
13. ........ you know what, i don't really got a question for this one so, have a nice day!


(AU) The awakening part 5
So if you guys know, I've been very slow on these comics and school work and blah blah halba halba WELL now I'm getting back to this and hope to finish this little story for the characters of mine.

Out from the blue was Leona ( a close friend to Niya ) who has some news for her.


Niya: oh hey Leona your back ( looks both sides of Leona ) where's taki?

Leona: ( stops to take a little breather ) that is exactly why I came back! She just like vanished from my sight when we went up past the Grawd area to the mountains! I get a bad feeling something she's gonna do is bad...

Niya: ( was quite for a minute thinking ) ... how much time do we have?

Leona: not much, it's only a matter of time before it reaches sundown!

Niya: then we need to hurry and find taki, take me to where you last saw her

Leona: o- ok, This way


(Niya, Leona ) belongs to me
(Eliotrope) belongs to ANKAMA
(AU hogwarts) belongs to :iconmouse-la-flutist:


jayshipp313's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Well too me this is the great place to start my drawings and might even aprove my work and animation someday but for now like my pictures, drawings and more coming soon

And one more thing stay frosty amigos!!!


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